This research is motivated by the problems found in the supervision process by the direct supervisor in the Regional Personnel Agency of West Sumatra Province. This study aims to explore information about employee perceptions of the supervisory process by the direct supervisor at the Regional Personnel Agency in West Sumatra Province in terms of aspects 1) determination of the plan 2) assessment of performance 3) improvement / corrective action. The study population was employees in the Regional Employment Agency of West Sumatra Province, amounting to 61 employees. A sample of 41 employees used the Proportional Stratified Random Sampling technique. The data collection instrument was a Likert scale model questionnaire with five answer choices. The results showed that the process of direct supervisor supervision in 1) standard setting with an average of 3.61 in the good category, 2) assessment of performance with an average of 3.67 in the good category, 3) improvement / corrective action with an average an average of 3.35 is in the quite good category. Overall average score of 3.54 with a pretty good category.

The Key word: Supervision Process