Jurnal Ilmiah Pesona PAUD

Vol 11, No 1 (2024)


Vira Fitriani | |  Indonesia ,
Windi Dwi Andika | | Sriwijaya University  Indonesia ,
Yuni Dwi Suryani | | Sriwijaya University  Indonesia

We encourage aspiring and seasoned scholars in the field of Early Childhood Education to contribute their valuable research and insights to our journal. JURNAL ILMIAH PESONA PAUD is not just a platform for publishing; it's a community where you can share innovative ideas, explore new educational paradigms, and contribute to the ever-evolving field of early childhood education. By joining our community of authors, you will be engaging with a network of professionals dedicated to nurturing and advancing the education of young learners. Submit your manuscripts and be part of a journal that shapes the future of early childhood education.

Journal Information

Print ISSN2337-8301
Online ISSN2656-1271
DOI Prefix10.24036
PublisherUniversitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia
Editor in ChiefYaswinda
FrequencyTwo issues per year (Biannually) 
Focus & ScopeJournal Ilmiah Pesona PAUD is a scholarly publication focusing on a wide range of topics in early childhood education. Its scope encompasses the development of moral and religious values, physical and motor skills, social and emotional growth, cognitive progress, and language acquisition. The journal also delves into artistic and creative development, effective parenting techniques, and the management of early childhood education institutions. Additionally, it covers the assessment of early childhood development, child psychology, empowerment of children, various learning strategies, the role and impact of children's play, the use of instructional media, and innovative practices in early childhood education. This journal serves as a crucial resource for educators, researchers, and practitioners in the field, providing insights and research findings to enhance the quality and effectiveness of early childhood education.

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JURNAL ILMIAH PESONA PAUD, established in March 2012 with a print ISSN of 2337-8301, has evolved into a prestigious biannual publication in both print and electronic formats. Since 2018, it has been managed by the Department of Teacher Education in Padang State Early Childhood Education and acquired an electronic ISSN of 2656-1271. As a national journal, it has embraced an open access, peer-reviewed system, ensuring the broad dissemination and accessibility of its content.

This journal offers a rigorous review process, with feedback provided to authors via the Open Journal System (OJS), ensuring the publication of high-quality research. It invites original articles in both Indonesian and English, making it a vibrant scientific forum for a diverse range of contributors, including lecturers, researchers, reviewers, practitioners, and students at the S1, S2, and S3 levels.

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