Bahasa dan Sastra


Subject Category: Language, Literature and Humanities

Broad Subject Category: Arts and Humanities

Indonesian Literature Study Program  are publishing an international peer reviewed three-monthly journal Jurnal Bahasa dan Sastra. It is the vision of Indonesian Literature Study Program to publish research papers, research articles, review papers, mini review, case study and short commutations in all areas of human study without financial restriction.

Coverage Area: Language and Literature which including review of comparative literature, modern literature, creative expressions, new literary history, practice and theory of creative writing literature and language, methodologies of literature and language, Theories and practice of literary studies, linguistics, stylistics, research and developments in language and literature education, Language and Literature explores the connection between stylistics and critical theory, linguistics, language assessment and language for special purposes, language planning and policies, conversation analysis, sociology of literature, academic exchange, languages and cultures, cross-cultural studies, literary criticism, etc.

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