Nurjannah Awaliyah


The emergence of digital era bring education was helped by many technological tools. One of the main challenge is how media can be used as a tool for develop teaching and learning process especially in English Foreign Language (EFL). As a non-native speaker Indonesian educators need such media to improve any sub-skill of English it self. Here shows the media that is quite known in higher education for developing pronunciation. Additionally pronunciation becomes an important thing to develop because many sides argue that if someone has good pronunciation so they have good English too. This paper is interest in finding out the empowering CAMBRIDGE ADVANCED LEARNER’S DICTONARY 3 (CALD3) as software that help teacher and student for developing pronunciation of teaching and learning process in Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. Additionally, the feature of CALD3 will be analyzed for the data of this paper. The perspective from the students and three lecturers as a qualitative data will be administered as a data. This paper also administer the quantitative data that make this paper is stronger to perform. The data gathered reveals that CALD3 has simplified and purposeful feature for developing pronunciation. Furthermore it is also easy to use and understandable feature for students to allow it. CALD3 should be empowered as a tool that helps teaching and learning process of pronunciation in EFL. 


Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, pronunciation, Teaching and learning process.

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