This article describes the influence of PRRI events (Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Indonesia) on the life of the people of West Sumatra (Minangkabau) in the short story "Ketika Jendral Pulang"  by Khairul Jasmi. The analysis was done by using literary of sociology. The results show that the short story "Ketika Jendral Pulang" is sociologically reflects life in post-PRRI Minangkabau generation experiencing a difficult phase in life. They become timid generation, low self-esteem, and pragmatic. The young people who go wander Minangkabau rename or exchange their identities, no longer as a son of the Minangkabau. This short story also describes the life of the Minangkabau generation today as the generation that was educated and raised by television. Their lives are very familiar with the various trappings of televised violence. 


generasi Minangkabau, ketakutan, rendah diri, PRRI, reformasi.