This paper discuss the influence of  kaba “Malin Kundang" as a form of oral literature of the short story parody Minangkabau A.A. Navis entitled "Malin Kundang, Ibunya Durhaka" (“MKID”). The discussion carried out by using a genetic approach. Genetic approach examines how the work affects the work of others. Analysis conducted “MKID”  illustrates that the short story as a parody of the affected works of kaba "Malin Kundang" indicates a social critique of Navis toward modern society—especially the people within the scope of the author, the Minangkabau people—whom have been uprooted from its cultural roots, so that in everyday life they become materialistic and overturning of moral values and religion. In pursuit of his passion, they perform a variety of "sedition" is sometimes hard to accept common sense. World upside down in a short story in which a “MKID” mother "disobey" her and "cheating" for his worldly needs, is a portrait of a sick society, unstable, and turned upside down.

Key words:  Malin Kundang, son, mother, sedition, influence, parody