This article aims at desribing foreign language learning strategies which should be possessed by each foreign language learner because their success or failure doesn’t depend only on the lecturer’s language teaching but also very much on the foreign language learning strategies. There are a lot of foreign language learning strategies; however, at least, there are fourteen foreign language learning strategies that they should possess and apply if they really want to succeed in learning a foreign language. The strategies will be enough for foreign language learners to reach their learning targets if they can possess and apply them as well as possible in learning whatever foreign language, like English for example.  In addition to the fourteen strategies, how they will find or get them will also be presented and discussed in the article. It is advisable that a foreign language teacher or lecturer save a small amount of time of his/her teaching hours to teach those strategies, and that a learner apply them as well they can or make his/her own effort to find and apply them.

Key words/phrases: foreign language learner, strategy, and foreign language learning strategy