Linati Rahmadani Alimin(1), Yasdinul Huda(2),
(1)   Indonesia
(2) Universitas Negeri Padang  Indonesia

Corresponding Author

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Submitted : 2018-11-14
Published : 2018-11-30


Today, many classrooms are equipped with internet technology and information devices such as computers and interactive whiteboards. This type is categorized as Smart Classroom. The existence of this intelligent class technology to study the teaching process.Learning The purpose of this research is to find how much influence of the relation between ten scale of SCI (fisical design, fleksibility, using technology, learning data, differentiation, investigation, cooperation, Student Cohesiveness, equality, learning experience) for measuring readiness the electronic engineering department to develop smart class. The type of this research is description which is correlational. This research use two variable, there are variable (X) as the information scale of SCI and variable (Y) as the readiness of electronic engineering which is obtained by the assessment fromrespondend in electronic enggineering department. The result of this research showed that SCI variable simultaneously influential significant as 0,64 or 64, 7 % against readiness electronic engineering department to develop smart classes.  It means that The better the SCI factor, the higher the level of readiness of the Electronic Engineering Department in developing smart classes. Based on the Tuncay categories, electronic engineering department include in class D. It is the smart classwhich is consist of access point (internet), internet line, computer, project screen, projector, and electricity provider (UPS).

Keywords: Smart Class, Smart Classroom Inventory, SCI, readiness, electronic engineering


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