Efektivitas Media Gambar dapat Meningkatkan Mengenalkan Anggota Keluarga Inti bagi Anak Tunagrahita Sedang

Zulmiyetri Zulmiyetri


Tunagrahita child was a child with their ability is below average is between 51-36 compared with normal children her own age and kind of mental disorders, social emotional, speech and language, there are six (6) children tunagrahita being. This child have problems in speaking, this child would speak when it was forced by the teacher. Based on information from the teachers who are doing research on children mental retardation children have started to understand simple commands (receptive) for example, when the teacher said the child pray attitude immediately cupped his hands, his expression fixed on an object of interest, the ability of social interaction still need to be guided. The method uses a model quasi-experimental study used the experimental pretest-posttest control group, also known as one group pre-test post-test control group design with two kinds of treatment. The hypothesis of this study is: Ha image media are effective in improving core introduces family members of the child mental retardation were grade 1 in SLB 1 Padang. Ho: media images is not effective in improving core introduces family members of the child mental retardation were grade 1 in SLB 1 Padang.

Testing hypotheses obtained with trials obtained Uhit U = 7.5 adjusted with tables on the significant level of 95% and a = 0.05 for n = 6 obtained Utab = 10. From the results obtained Uhit <Utab. This means that the Ha Ho rejected and accepted. Thus concluded that the level of a = 0.05 was not enough evidence to show a significant difference between the recognition ability of family members using the media images and without the use of media images mental retardation of the child being a class D 1 / C 1 in SLBN 1 Padang.


media gambar, anak tunagrahita sedang

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24036/pedagogi.v12i2.2214


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