Kultura: Journal of Language, Literature, Art, and Culture

Kultura (P-ISSN 2086-0196, E-ISSN .....) is an international journal devoted to the publication of original papers published by BKS-PTN Wilayah Barat Bidang Ilmu Bahasa, Sastra, Seni, dan Budaya in collaboration with FBS Universitas Negeri Padang. It is a double peer-reviewed and open access online journal of humanity studies, including languages, literature, arts, and cultural studies, and the learning of languages, literature, and arts. Kultura accepts manuscript in English, Indonesian, and Malay.

It began its publication in 2010 published by BKS-PTN Wilayah Barat in UNIMED Medan. Indonesia, Since 2018, this journal has become an international open access peer-reviewed online journal published by BKS-PTN Wilayah Barat. This journal is published twice a year, i.e. in January and July in printed and online version.

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