There are many letters were made and received in the administration section at BPN Kota Padang, so the search for data would be inefficient in terms of time and human power  using a manual system. So that at this time a structured letter management administration system is needed to search existing data and report creation. This information system of archives management and disposition management was designed by using prototyping method based on web involving the PHP programming language (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) based on framework codeigniter, JavaScript, Jquery. While the database used is MYSQL. In system design involved Use Case, Activity Diagram, Context Diagram, Flowmap, Sequence Diagram and ERD. This system also uses alias in addressing by applying htaccess to the actual address file as one of the security system. This information system involves five users such as admin, head of affairs, head of office, section head, and messenger. These five levels of registered users have a private account to be able to enter the system such as username and password with MD5 encryption. Because this is web based, this archival application has the ability to be accessed anywhere, the Head of Affairs can manage by user login so that they can add, edit, delete and save incoming and outgoing mail, can search incoming mail and outgoing mail based on sender and subject, results Search can be ordered according to the letter ID or date of the letter, and able to print the report. The results obtained from the implementation of this letter archive application is to make the Administration officer easier in managing the archiving of letters that were once manually and now it computerized, and is very helpful for employees in saving the letters at BPN Kota Padang.

Keywords: Information System, Achieve Management, Letter Disposition, Web Programming, CodeIgniter.