PT. AMIA (Amanah Insanillahia) Batusangkar is a private company which was inaugurated since June 6, 1998 engaged in the production and sale of bottled water. Information system for stockdata processing of bottled drinking water at PT. Amia Batusangkar is made using web-based information technology, with the aim of expanding the area of product promotion and sales, also simplifying the ordering process. Designing a Data Processing Information System for Bottled Drinking Water at PT. Amia Batusangkar is a visualization of UML modeling (Unified Modeling Language) using several visualization diagrams that are object oriented. The programming language used is the programming language PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) based on Javascript frameworkCodeIgniter, with MySQL as Database Management System (DBMS), and Sublime Text 3 as editor. Stock Data Processing Information Systemis very helpful for PT. Amia in product processing and makes it easier for customers to order the products. Nowadays, with the development of technology, information systems for the processing of bottled drinking water can provide information about available stock using the web.

Keywords: Information Systems, Drinking Water Stock Processing, Web, CodeIgniter