This article was written to describe the manufacture of media that can make students learn interactively and independently, Media that is commonly used is not optimal and cannot visualize a real situation, Therefore, learning media are needed that can make students learn independently and can make learning material that is abstract to be concrete. The purpose of this research is to produce microcontroler Trainer learning media that is valid and practical.  The type of research used is research and development (R&D). This development research uses the Hannafin and Peck development model which consists of 3 stages: needs analysis, design phase, and development or implementation phase. Data collection in this study uses a validation sheet given to two Electronics Engineering lecturers and two subject teachers as validators. Respondents to test the practicality are students of class XI Mechatronics. Based on the results of the study obtained validity data by media expert lecturers and subject teachers there were an average of 0.93 of the design quality of the technical quality of 0.85 of the 0.92 instructional quality. then the results of validation from media experts are declared valid. The student practice test is 89.9%. Thus this research has produced a valid and practical Microcontroller Trainer learning media.

Keywords: Microcontroler Trainer Learning Media, valid and practical.