National exam simulation system of computer-based (UNBK) vocational secondary school (SMK)-based client server using a smartphone can be used to minimize in the execution of the simulation UNBK who haven't held evenly disekolah-sekolah in indonesia. This system is created using the PHP programming language and uses the codeigniter framework, as well as using MySQL for the database. In system implementation, a matter that appears on the client's display will be re-randomized based on id reserved using the method of rand () in PHP, while the token generated using the method of randomization array i.e. mt_rand (), this system can run on Smartphones with android version at least android version 4.3 jelly Bean. This system is not only used for simulating UNBK alone will test system but is expected to be in use as the other test systems such as School final exam (UAS) and other exams and semester exams who want implemented CBT with features the addition of the category of the test on the system to be made and with this system of teachers of subjects can see the progression of his protégé participant by accessing the value of the test that has been carried out by students. 

Keywords: system simulation test, unbk, smartphone, project, web, codeigniter framework.