The 2013 Curriculum is a curriculum that applies a single tool learning pattern to multimedia tool based learning. This has been regulated in Permendikbud No. 70/2013. The lack of interactive multimedia applications on Basic Network subjects resulted in the ineffectiveness of the application of the 2013 curriculum at the Vocational School level, majors in TKJ and RPL. With the presence of an Android smartphone in the middle of the community, it is able to present various useful content in the world of education. One of them is the use of mobile learning applications. Interactive multimedia applications can be developed into mobile learning applications. The purpose of this Final Project is to produce an application as a learning tool for basic networks on Android-based smartphones that have material content that is tailored to the 2013 curriculum. This application was developed through the Prototyping development approach with an Android-based Java programming language using the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Android Studio. Making this final assignment produces Basic Network learning applications as a means to learn Basic Networks that have syllabus, lesson plan, material and video features that are adjusted to the 2013 curriculum. With the results of basic network learning applications this application is expected to contribute and facilitate the learning process basic network.

Keywords: Android, Basic Networks, Curriculum 2013, Interactive, Learning, Mobile, Multimedia, Smartphone