Analisis Perbedaan Hasil Belajar Menggunakan Multimedia Hyperlink Dengan Non Hyperlink Dalam Pembelajaran Ekonomi Siswa SMA Negeri Kota Bukittingi

Yelvi Elita



Senior high school students’ economic on the ten grade in Bukittinggi are less motivated in studying so that students’ economic learng outcomes become low.this is caused because of the way of  teacher in teaching and it gives linpact on the students learning out come, the minimal standard score economic ten grade is 75 with range 0-100 there are many factor lafluence the students’ learning out come, for example teaching method and learning media. Due to this problem the researcher did a research to see the differences of students learning outcome in studying economic between learning by using hyperlink multimedia and non hyperlink multimedia.  This research is a quasi experment. The data were taken by using purposive sampling. Based on the result of the research, the mean score of students taught by using hyperlink multimedia is 79,07. Based the mean score of students’ taught by using no hyperlink multimedia is 71,72. In conclusion, the process of teaching learning in economic is suitable by using hyperlink multimedia, it is expeted for economic teacher to use hyperlink multimedia because it gives positive effect and increases the students’ learning outcome.


Keyword : learning media, hyperlink multimedia, non hyperlink multimedia

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