Analisis Proses City Branding’ Taste Of Padang’ sebagai Brand Destinasi Pariwisata Sumatera Barat

Muhammad Rauf Hidayat, Thamrin Thamrin


Purpose - The purpose of this study was to determine the process and background of the
forming of city branding in West Sumatra, namely 'Taste of Padang'.
Methodology - This type of research is descriptive causative. This research was conducted in
West Sumatera Province. The research was done in 2019. Researchers generate facts and
findings through interviews and studies of documents related to the brand 'Taste of Padang'.
Finding - The results of the study show that city branding 'Taste of Padang' is a sub-brand of
'Wonderful Indonesia' initiated by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. As a
realization, FGD was held to establish a West Sumatra tourism destination brand by the West
Sumatra Tourism Department. To become a sub-brand of 'Wonderful Indonesia' in the FGD
process the establishment of the brand 'Taste of Padang' only focuses on the logo and tagline.

Keywords: City Branding, Tourism Brand Destinations, Taste of Padang, West Sumatra
Tourism Office, FGD

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