The study aimed to determined the contribution of Teacher’s Learning Interest and Pedagogic Competence toward student’s grade for Computers and Basic Networks subject at X grade of Computer Network Engineering Class at SMK Negeri 2 Padang Panjang. The type of this research was descriptive correlation. The participant of this research were 103 students, and samples were 51 students. Samples were taken by Simple Random Sampling technique. Student’s grade data obtained from Computer and Basic Network teacher at SMK Negeril 2 Padang Panjang. Learning Interest and Pedagogic Competence of Teacher’s data were collected through a questionnaire using Likert scale for validity and reliability that has been proved. The result of data analysis showed: (1) Learning interest and pedagogic competence of teachers were contributes 25,60% for student’s grade. (2) Students Learning interest were contributes 9,7% for student’s grade. (3) Pedagogic competence of teacher were contributes 8,6% for student’s grade. This research showed that student’s interest in teacher’s learning and pedagogic competence gives contribution to student’s grade.

Keywords: learning interest, Teacher’s Pedagogic Competence, student’s grade.