The purpose of this study to reveal the contribution of learning styles and family environment jointly or individually on learning outcomes.The study population numbered 58 people and a sample of 37 students of class XI Audio Video Engineering at SMK 1 Sutera. The sampling technique was randomly (simple random sampling). Data on student learning outcomes obtained from subject teachers Applying Fundamentals of Electronics, this data is a reflection of learning outcomes in subjects Applying Fundamentals of Electronics. , While the data is a way of learning and family environment collected through questionnaires using Likert scale that has been tested for validity and reliability. The result showed: (1) How to study and family environment together contributed 43.5% of the student learning outcomes, (2) contribution of learning 23.6% against student learning outcomes, (3) provide a family environment a contribution of 37 % to the learning outcomes Applying Fundamentals of Electronics Engineering students of class X SMK 1 Audio Video in Sutera . So we can conclude that the way of learning and the student's family environment contributes to the learning outcomes.

Keywords:How to study, family environment, learning outcomes