The development of mobile phones especially smartphones that support internet connection and Android technology is growing rapidly. In this final project an application can be used that can be useful in the world of education to assist lecturers in carrying out pre-exam for their students, besides that lecturers do not have to bother examining exam results one by one because the system will help in assessing the test results according to the specified answer key first. The pre-compre exam is one of the activities to test the student's ability test thoroughly at the end of the semester / final project. The process of making this online exam application, on the server using the programming language PHP, HTML and CSS JavaScript programming language is based on the Laravel framework with MYSQL as a DBMS and Sublime Text as an editor, while the client uses javascript programming language with Sublime Text and Android Studio to build applications to be APK . The results of the system design and the trials that have been carried out from the system that has been completed are designed and can be used. The results of the system are an online pre-test exam application for use on Android. Applications that are designed will have stages in running it starting from logging into the application and choosing the available interface. Trials on the assessment score of the exam results can be done automatically on Android.

Keywords: Pre-compre Exam, Laravel, Android.