Web-based Padang State University Facility Reservation Information System is designed to provide convenience in managing the management of facilities found at Padang State University and minimize manual data recording to improve online orientation. This information system was designed using the MVC (Model View Controller) technique, with the PHP programming language, based on Laravel 5 framework as well as Javascript, MySQL as a Database Management System (DBMS). Produce a web-based design of the Padang State University facility Reservation Information System for the management of relevant stakeholder organizations. Serving booking facilities available at Padang State University. Serving search facilities that suit the needs of tenants, as well as searching for other facilities related to reservations such as rental services for Event Organizer (E/O), rental of catering services, and rental of art groups. Serving management of facility management at Padang State University. Through the information system reservation facility at Padang State University, it will provide easy processing of reservation data, and reduce the level of errors when managing reservation facilities found at Padang State University.

Keywords: Information System, Reservation Facility, Web, Laravel Framework