The library is part of the learning resources that must be owned by every school or college. With the development of technology makes people think to be able to work more effectively and efficiently. One of them is to make a conventional system into a computerized system. So that now a more structured library management administration system is needed to speed up the search for existing data and make reports. The design of the Android platform-based library management application system is designed using a web-based prototyping method that involves the PHP programming language (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor), while the database used is MYSQL. This library application has the ability, can be accessed anywhere, officers can add, edit, delete and save student or teacher data and transaction data of students or teachers, can search for book data and can print report results. The results obtained from the application of this library application is to make it easier for Officers to manage the library and help teachers and students to borrow books in the library of SMAN 1 Padang Ganting

Keywords: Application System, Library Management, Based on Android Platform.