Crime Handling is an important think to handle many crime accident in public life. Public participation in monitoring and reporting crimes to related parties is urgently needed. At this time, public sees or encounters a  crimes, must come to the complaint posts or contact the call center, This process takes a lot of time. Pengaduan Masyarakat application was developed to handle that problem. The method used is the client-server based waterfall model. On the server side using the PHP programming language (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) using web services Json and MYSQL for Database Management Systems (DBMS). While on the client side using the java programming language and java script that can run on the android platform. With this application, people can easily make reports anytime and anywhere without having to come directly to the complaint post. This application is equipped with a form to attach proof of complaint, which supports receipt of image, audio and video files.

Keywords: Android,crimet, report, client-serve, Jsonr.