E-COMMERCE OLEH-OLEH KHAS MINANG (Studi Kasus : Website Penjualan Sanjai Keluarga)

Faris Aulia(1), Efrizon Efrizon(2),
(1)   Indonesia
(2) Universitas Negeri Padang  Indonesia

Corresponding Author

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The development of technology is something that cannot be rejected in the current of globalization, especially in the field of trade. Conventional sales are no longer enough to develop trade businesses. Sanjai Keluarga is one of the trade activities of typical Minang souvenirs. To develop the Sanjai Keluarga business requires a website to facilitate buying and selling and becoming a media campaign. This Web-based E-commerce system uses the MVC (Model View Controller) technique with a programming language used in the PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) programming language based on Javascript  and Laravel 5.6 frameworks, with MySQL as a Database Management System (DBMS), and Sublime Text as editors. Produce a Web-based E-commerce System design that is focused on processing sales, ordering and shipping data. In a well-computerized e-commerce system between the database system, user interface, and user itself with the addition of providing optimal computerized solutions, speed and accuracy of data processing, and reducing the error rate during the process of buying and selling goods at Sanjai Keluarga take place.

Keywords: E-commerce, Traditional Food of Minang, Sales Website, Sanjai Keluarga, Laravel Framework


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