One of the tasks of the civil service staff is handling the increase in functional position of lecturer. The acquisition of the number of credits obtained from the execution of the Tridharma College lecturer is a requirement to apply for increase in functional position. From the results of observations of the author, the calculation of the number of credits are still done manually. That is, there is not yet a system that can calculate the earnings numbers and credit filings increase in functional position of lecturer computerized. See the occurred problems, then the author intends to develop an information system which is expected to handle data acquisition credit numbers, rules increase the functional position of Lecturer, and credit the appropriate number of calculation rule calculations the number of credit. Information systems management to this end tasks created using the PHP programming language and uses the Laravel framework, as well as using MySQL for the database. This information system, makes it easy to apply for lecturer position increases functional lecturer and this system ultimately can minimize the interaction between lecturers with civil service staff so that issues concerning the calculation of the credit number can avoided and displays numerical data along with the credit calculation.

Keywords: system information, web, laravel framework.