Poverty is a global problem that is experienced by many developing countries, including Indonesia. One thing that has been done to address poverty is the provision of direct assistance to people living below the poverty line. However, the provision of assistance to the poor is also often not on target, because filling out the forms is still in paper form so that in the process of determining the poor people who are entitled to assistance not on target. One of the areas in Indonesia that is the village of Medan Jaya, Ipuh Sub-district, Mukomuko Regency, Bengkulu Province, still uses manual methods in data collection on the poor. To overcome the above problems, then it needs a system that is interactive and can be used to support the decision-making process of the recipient in the village of Medan Jaya. The system is Web-based, developed using the programming language PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) based Framework and CodeIgniter and MySQL as a Database Management System (DBMS). The methods used in this system that is the method of Simple Additive Weighting (SAW). The use of Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) can facilitate the determination of poor citizens who are entitled to assistance based on established criteria. With the help of this system, the distribution of targeted assistance will be better because it can help determine the poor people who are eligible for assistance.

Keywords: Decision Support Systems, Simple Additive Weighting (SAW), CodeIgniter.