Abdul Rahim(1), Wimbrayardi Wimbrayardi(2), Irdhan Epria Darma Putra(3),
(1)   Indonesia
(2)   Indonesia
(3)   Indonesia

Corresponding Author

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Sijobang Art formerly acted as an introduction to Kaba ( news ) , stories and information presented in an art show . Media used in the performing arts is sijobang flick lighters in a manner that serves as a regulator of the rhythm . Music is not only an audio work is in production with a musical instrument that is in production . Even though a match can be a medium of entertainment for the people but as the development of the arts basijobang start using media kucapi   ( lute ) . work " Stimul Of Tradition" is born from the color matches and harp sound that is processed into a musical composition and packaged in different ways .

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