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This study was aimed to find out the relationship of body exercise toward the traditional dance major Study Result ondrama, music, and dance art Students 2107 in Padang State University.Type of the research was quantitative with correlational method. The population in this research were students of drama, music, and dance art2017 in Padang State University who were amounted 119students, meanwhile the sample were 41 students. Instruments which used by using observation, documentation and interviews. Types of data used in this research were primary and secondary data. Technique of data analysis was a correlational statistic of product moment.Results of this research showed that there was a relationship ofbody exercise toward the study results of traditional dance of Minangkabau. Value of rarithmetic 0.591 and rtable. 0.312 at significant levels of 5%, then it could be inferred thatrarithmeticwas bigger  than rtable so that the hypothesis of Ho was denied and Ha was received, it meant that there was a significant relationship ofthe body exercise toward the results of Minangkabau traditional dance learning. By using free degree n-2 (41-2 = 39) and the real degree 0.05 on t distribution table to the hypothesis test of significance limit (ttabel) was 1.68. Remind of tarithmetic (4.576) wasbigger than ttable (1.68), then it could be inferred that H0 was rejected and H1 was accepted because the test results proved that tarithmeticwasbigger than ttable i.e. 4.576 > 1.68, this meant there was a significant relationship of the body exercise toward the study results of traditional dance majors on drama, music, and dance artstudent 2017, the relationship was pretty strong on the interpretation. This study also expressed the magnitude of the contribution of a given variable X (the body exercise) toward the variable Y (Minangkabau traditional dance learning results), itwas amounted to 34.93% toward the variable Y and the rest (65.07%) were affected by other factors which not examined in this study.


Keywords: The Relationship, Body Exercise, Minangkabau Traditional Dance.