Siti Munawaro


This paper aims to describe the analysis of the existence of interference in student’s speaking at English department at IAIN Imam Bonjol Padang. There are three focus issues in this research. First, the student’s comprehension of language interference, then the existence of level language interference and the last student’s speaking process in English class. The type of this research is descriptive research with purposive sampling. Data were collected through observation, interviews and video recording. The results of this research showed there are three levels of interference existed, namely, grammatical level, cultural level and sound level. From the phenomenon in the class explain that the student generalizes the language pattern and misplaced word. It should be repaired by changing the position of word but the students did not have ability to discriminate the language pattern that is used in first language and target language. Then, students used this level of interference with unconsciously they did not know about the level of interference, so that they can not detect their mistake. And these mistakes occur also because they have lack of ability in understanding linguistic features sufficiently. Therefore, the study about language interference level is necessary for students speaking learning process as additional source about how to speak in target language appropriately without the deviation of language structure and the use of language. 


Interference, student, speaking

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