Adila Jefiza, Lusi Linawati


Nowadays, English is not only as a learning material at school, but it has become a need for people. All sciences need English mastery, even for midwifery. Most of graduation of midwifery students should have English ability passively and actively communication in order to compete in job profession.  Therefore, it is important to develop learning material based on needs analysis of midwifery students. This study is based on lack of English learning material that is appropriate with context and learning goals or it is called English for Specific Purposes. The purpose of this study is to develop English learning material for midwifery students validly, practically and effectively. The long term goal is to help midwifery students to have good English mastery in order to compete in their profession. This material development is developed using task-based approach.  Task based approach is chosen because this approach provide some tasks which ask the students to complete the tasks and focus on using authentic language for speaking skill and reading skill. This study is conducted by using research and development method and it is designed by using ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate) model. The data are collected by using validity sheet, practicality questionnaire, and effectively instrument. 


English material, task-based approach, midwifery students

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