Child Care in Rumah Nenek (A Case Study of Child Care in Rumah Nenek At Kelurahan Padang Sarai Kecamatan Koto Tangah Kota Padang)

Muhammad Riski(1),
(1) Universitas Negeri Padang  Indonesia

Corresponding Author



This research to describe the educators at Rumah Nenek, describing learners at Rumah Nenek, the subject matter, parenting methods, and evaluations at the daycare of Rumah Nenek. The research using a qualitative approach to the type of case study. The subject was Rumah Nenek, an informant collected by the snowball sampling. The collection of the data through observation and interview. The data was analyzed 3 steps (1) data reduction (2) data display (3) conclusion and verification. description and expose presented by perspective epic and emic. based on the results it was concluded that educator in daycare of Rumah Nenek is grandma and the children, learner in the daycare of Rumah Nenek is all foster children in the leave their parent, the subject matter in the daycare of Rumah Nenek is learning while playing, parenting method is communication, discipline, focusing on the child goods deeds, independent and giving judgment or reward. The evaluation form of one of the parties for example the grandma X for the foster children and parents praise and criticism and action.

Keywords: Child Care, Rumah Nenek, Parenting

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