Pemanfaatan Perpustakaan Dengan Hasil Belajar Pada Mata Kuliah Higiene Dan Sanitasi PKK Fakultas Teknik

riwayati riwayati, baidar baidar, wirnelis syarif


This study aimed to determine the relationship of the use of libraries
UNP with learning outcomes at the course hygiene and sanitation courses PKK
Fakulty Technical State University in Padang. The research method used is
descriptive quantitative type of ex-post facto correlational approach. The
sampling technique used in this study is random sampling with a sample of 70
people. The results showed that Fhitung is 27.69, while the F table = 3.99.
Fhitung> F table, it can be concluded that the relationship between the
variables X and Y is linear. The results of statistical tests show that there is a
positive and significant correlation of 0538, the results of the significance test
of correlation coefficient Sig (p) obtained was 0000. where 0.000 <0.05, then
Ho is rejected. To the conclusion that there is a positive and significant
relationship between the use of the library to the value of subjects of hygiene
and sanitation in the family welfare program student study culinary
concentration PKK.

Keywords: Utilization Library, Learning Outcomes, Value Hygiene And

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