Teaching speaking using a video project is one of the activities that can engage students actively in learning English. The procedure of teaching speaking in this paper is based on project based learning, which is one of the learning models in curriculum 2013. The project is a reflection of students' understanding of speaking materials that have been taught. So, students create a video that contains a speaking performance they had designed themselves.

The paper apply the teaching on High School students, specifically on the first grade of Senior High School. Students make the video projects in every end of the material. Before starting the video project, teacher explain the material as usual. After the material explanation, teacher commands students to design a speaking activity, then record and upload it to the internet. Here, students make the video project with their peers. They discuss which performance suited for the related topic. Then, students perform their project, record, edit, and then publish the video to the internet. The video is then shared by the students to social media.

After uploading the video, teacher and students give feedback through like and comment. By working with groups, the students are hoped to gain confidence to speak bravely in front of the public.


English, Language Teaching