Indah Afriani, Ratmanida Ratmanida, An Fauzia Rozani Syafei


This research has function to find, analyze, and describe teaching speaking activities in English classroom for fifth grade elementary school students at SD Kartika 1-10 and 1-11 Padang. This research is focused on the process of learning in the classroom and the interaction between teacher and students in the classroom. This research also show classroom speaking activities that often used by teachers in teaching speaking. This research was hoped to give information to Elementary school English teacher, especially grade five English teacher, about the connectivity between cognitive development and students’ characters in their ability of speaking English. In this research, the researcher used case study method. The data obtained through classroom observation and interview, so the data taken would be analyzed. The finding showed that in pre-teaching activity, teacher did not tell the purpose and the format of speaking lesson. In whilst teaching, teacher did not give opportunities to students to express themselves in speaking skill. And post teaching activity was not held by teachers. Beside, classroom speaking activity that frequently used by teacher in their speaking class was role-play.


Teaching Speaking Activities, Classroom Speaking Activities, Role-Play.

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