Rahmatul Husna(1*), Zul Amri(2),

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Many students have difficulties in speaking, especially junior high school students. Some of the problems faced by junior high school students are the students do not want to talk or say anything. They feel shy to speak in front of their friends and afraid of making mistakes. Also, Ur (2012:118) states that the students are often frustrated to speak in a foreign language in the classroom because they scared of criticism or losing face, or shy of the attention. Furthermore, they keep using their own language (mother tongue). These difficulties show the necessary activities or technique must be designed by the teacher in the classroom in order to enable the students to produce a meaningful English oral performance as well as to overcome their problems and weakness. One of the techniques that the teacher can apply is elicitation technique. Elicitation describes procedures that allow the teacher to get the students to provide information rather than give it to them. One way to elicit is by asking questions. Asking questions is the main technique for getting ideas and responses from the students.


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