Ellya Ratna, Malta Nelisa


Studies in the field of Indonesian literature plays an important role in demonstrating what life style Indonesia's diverse society. So far there has been no study of the literature on the field map development of Indonesian literature. Research conducted with quantitative approach using bibliometric analysis which includes analysis of the subject, co-word analysis, cluster analysis, and multidimensional scalling. Data were collected by identifying the scientific articles in the field of Indonesian literature contained in published scientific journal in Indonesia from 2008 – 2012 through the Indonesian Scientific Journal Database (ISJD) PDII LIPI. The results: first, the linkage of subjects in the field of Indonesian literature illustrated by the analysis group produced five cluster group. Each group describes the linkages between topics in a subject; second, the development of the subject field map Indonesian literature for the years 2008 - 2012 shows five study groups in literature articles Indonesia, namely literary criticism, folklore, literary theory, history of literature, and philology. Most of the articles discuss various topics of literary theory in the study.

Keywords: bibliometric; co-word analysis; multidimensional scalling


literature article


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