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This research was motivated by the research  results and journal (Wahyudin :2008, Meidina :2014, dan Irsadi:2015), also  interviews the researcher  has done. The observation and  interview  results  indicated that students’ achievement in studying  hasn't yet been one as expected. This situation was preconceived that there was  bearing with learning strategy that was utilized by educator and   students’ motivation itself. Based on the research  result and  journal, it’s stated that  learning strategy and  studying motivation  have significant impact to the  students’ achievement in studying, either  separately or integratively.

Concerning with the problem  and research objectives, the approach  used in this research was experimental approach by comparing the  students’ achievement of experimental class to the control class. The population of this research was  all students of  XI Social Class  at MAN Koto Baru Solok, 2015 / 2016  academic year containing  83 students and total sample members  were  54  students selected by using cluster random  sampling  technigue. The instrument was questionnaires ,  objectives test, and the observation form. To determine the  effects  among variables, the researcher  used the analysis  technigues of F test and ANOVA by using program of SPSS 16.0.

The research result showed that: (1) students who were taught by using  LSQ, they had a higher  achievement than other, with significance level Fcomputing = 2.450 > F table = 2.10. It could be  concluded that LSQ strategy have effect towards  students’ achievement. (2) the students   who had high motivation  in learning process were showed  that they got good result, with significance level Fcomputing = 3.687 > Ftable = 2.10. Its mean that  motivation have impact towards students’ achievement. ( 3) the students   who had low motivation was taught by  LSQ were showed  that they got good result, with significance level Fcomputing =976> F table   =2.10. Its mean that  the strategy had effect to the  students’ achievement. (4) there were interaction between LSQ and motivation in learning towards  English language achievement  with significance level Fcomputing = 537 >F table  = 2.10. Its mean  that between strategy and motivation in learning, has given  impact each other. The last one, the students’ activities  in experimental class more active than control.. Based on the result of this study, it concludes that the use of LSQ strategy and motivation  successfuly effects towards students’ achievment of MAN Koto Baru Solok grade XI Social.


Key word:   Learning Starts with Questions,  Motivation ,  achievement.

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