The Use of Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction (CORI) to Improve Teaching and Learning of Reading Narrative Texts to Grade VIII-B Students of SMP Islamic Center Siak

Abdullah Azis(1), Mukhaiyar .(2), Zul Amri(3),

Corresponding Author

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Abstract: The purposes of this research were to explain to what extent Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction (CORI) improves the effectiveness of teaching and learning process which then increases the students reading comprehension of narrative texts text as well as to explain the factors that influence the changes of their reading comprehension during the using of the strategy. This research was carried out in the design of classroom action research, -which was a cyclical process that involved planning, action, observation, and reflection-, for two cycles. Qualitative data were collected by using observation sheets for the researcher and the students. Besides, field notes and interview were also used to collect the qualitative data. Then, the quantitative data were collected by administering reading comprehension tests. The quantitative data were analyzed by scoring the results of reading comprehension tests and then the results of scoring were calculated to find out the central tendency (mean) for describing improvement of each indicator of reading comprehension in each cycle. The results of quantitative analysis were related to the results of qualitative analysis in order to explain the factors that cause the improvement qualitatively. During the two cycles, the findings of the research show that the using of CORI strategy improves the effectiveness of teaching and learning process.


Key words: reading comprehension, narrative texts, CORI strategy

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