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Abstract: The objectives of this study are to describe of the process of improvement the writing skill to write stories and describe the resulting increase in the skill of writing a children's story-assisted film "UpinIpin" through imitate of models technique. Sample of this study is a III class of SD Negeri 200208 in 2011/2012 Academic Year.This study is a classroom action research (CAR). The study was conducted in two cycles, and each cycle consists of two meeting. The data of this study is the action of the teacher in teaching, learning materials, students activity in learning learning process, and the result of student learning in writing the story. Data collection techniques used in this study were observation, interviews, field notes, questionnaires, and test performance. Qualitative data were analyzed by descriptive analysis model of Miles and Hubberman. Quantitative data such as students' test results in writing stories with descriptive statistics.

Based on data analysis, it was concluded that imitate the technique of model-assisted film "UpinIpin", the students writing story to III SD Negeri 200208 Padangsidimpuan has increased. Students are more enthusiastic and passionate in teaching members to write stories. Students’ essay are more qualified in terms of use of plot, depiction of figures and characterization, description of the background, the use of style, the use of point of view, the theme of the story, and cohesiveness builder story elements. The results obtained after increasing student test performance. The average of the pre-cycle in writing test is 63.8 and the results of first cycle by an average of 70.9.  after two cycles of the obtained results on average by 75.9.The results of the average value of the test writing this story shows that learning to write a story with imitate of models technique assisted film "UpinIpin" in III SD Negeri 200208 Padangsidimpuan has increased and successful.


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