Today's sophisticated technology world requires us to keep up with developments if not we will be left behind by other countries, especially in the field of education. The use of fingerprints for teacher attendance can be a better way to attend attendance because with fingerprints there are no more absent teachers. The use of attendance is intended to increase work motivation, especially for teachers. With increasing work motivation, it is expected that teacher performance will increase. The purpose of this study was to find out and describe the application of Fingerprint Attendance Management Information System in Motivating Teacher's Work at IT Nurul High School ‘Ilmi. To achieve this goal, researchers used a type of qualitative research with descriptive methods. Qualitative research is research that provides a complete picture of the problems experienced by research subjects in oral and linguistic form. In this qualitative study, the researcher is a key instrument. Research describing; (1) At SMA IT Nurul the aplication of finger print attendance can increase teacher work motivation, because the level of teacher attendance is in accordance with the rules scheduled by the leadership of the Foundation. (2) The effect of applying fingerprints in motivating teachers to implement the obligation of Ilmi at IT Nurul High School was motivated to be on time. However, this has not been fully motivated in terms of responsibility in teaching in the classroom, (3) Principal's perception of fingerprint attendance as a medium for motivating teachers in Nurul 'Ilmi IT High School, that is, when viewed in terms of teacher attendance it has run optimally. However, when viewed from the teacher's performance in carrying out classroom learning there are still some who have not been motivated to improve the quality of learning.