The purpose of this study is to describe the mapping of administrative personnel implementing personnel, especially in the field of student views of the aspects: 1)academic achievement, 2)education and training, 3)interests and 4)age of school administrative staff so it is expected that by doing this mapping administration in schools can be better. This type of research is descriptive research. The population in this study is the administrative staff in the vocational students in Padang with a total of 24 people. This study does not use samples in other words population research in which the entire population here is sampled. Data collection tool in this study is a Likert scale model questionnaire that has been tested for validity and reliability. Data analysis techniques using the average formula. The results of the study show that: 1) the mapping of the student administration executive affairs seen from academic achievement is quite appropriate with an average percentage of 75.25%. 2) the mapping of implementing school administration affairs for students in terms of education and training is quite appropriate with a percentage of 68.70%. 3) the mapping of implementing staff of school administration affairs is seen from the interest of having an achievement level of 68.88% with a quite appropriate category. 4) the mapping of school administrative affairs staff seen from their age is quite right with a percentage of achievement of 78.62%. Thus the mapping of student administration executive officers in vocational schools throughout Padang is quite appropriate at an overall average of 3.64 with an achievement of 72.86%.

The Key word: school administration staff, student administration staff.