This research is motivated by the observations of the writer at SMK 8 Padang showing that the performance of the committee committee is low. Many factors affect the performance of committee members, one of which is participation. The purpose of this study is to obtain data and information regarding 1) the performance of the committee management; 2) participation; 3) the relationship of participation with the performance of the committee management. This research is correlational that looks at the relationship between student guardian participation and committee committee performance. The population of this study was the guardians of students at SMKN 8 Padang totaling 484 people with a sample of 83 people with propotional random sampling technique. The research instrument used was a Likert Scale questionnaire that had been tested for validity and reliability using SPSS version 16.0. Data were analyzed using the product moment correlation formula. The results of data analysis showed 1) The performance of the committee management in the high category was 86.47%; 2) participation in the sufficient category is 78.81% and 3) there is a relationship between participation and the performance of the committee management namely rcount 0.521> rtabel 0.213 and tcount value 6.432> t table 2,000.


The Key word:  performance, school commitee