Motivated by the writer's observation in the West Sumatra Province Education Office that employee work discipline is still low. The purpose obtain data on: 1) Discipline of employee work, 2) Transformational leadership and 3) Relationship of direct supervisor Transformational leadership with employee work discipline. This research is correlational study that looks at the relationship between direct transformational leadership and employee work discipline. The population in this study amounted to 206 people and the sample amounted to 65 people with proportional stratified random sampling technique. The research instrument uses a Likert Scale that has been tested for validity and reliability using SPSS version 25.0. Data are analyzed using the product moment correlation formula. The results of the data show that 1) employee work discipline is already high, 84.5%; 2) transformational leadership is good enough that is 78% and 3) there is a relationship between direct supervisor's transformational leadership with employee work discipline that is r count 0.568> r table 0.244 and t arithmetic value 5.472> t table 2,000 at 95% confidence level. The results showed that there was a significant relationship between the Transformational Leadership of Direct Supervisors and the Discipline of Work Employees of the West Sumatra Province Education Office.


The Key word: Transformational leadership and employee work discipline