The purpose of this research is to know the excellent service of the administrative personnel of school in SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Padang seen from the standard of excellent service of the administrative personnel of the school. This type of research includes qualitative descriptive research. Determination of the research informant using purposive sampling techniques and the selection of the number of informants using a snowball sampling technique. Data collection techniques using observation, interviews, and documentation. Data analysis techniques using interactive analysis include data reduction, data presentation, withdrawal of conclusions. Validity is seen with triangulation techniques. Research findings show that: (1) The ease of service is not maximally, (2) standard operating procedures have not been carried out properly, (3) TAS are still less emphatically inclined to be busy with their business so that people who need the service often Times neglected, (4) There are still TAS that violate the rules of appearance. (5) TAS less fulfilling promises, (6) TAS that are less friendly and less polite (7) TAS are difficult to contact when needed (8) less communicative TAS.

The Key word:    Service Excellent, School Administration Personil