This study aims to describe SIM in improving the quality of education in Merangin 11 Public Middle School. The application of technology-based SIM can help improve education quality services. This study uses a qualitative approach. The location of the study was conducted at the 11th school of Merangin State High School. The results of this study are (1) SIM implementation in improving the quality of education services, which are seen from aspects, inputs, outputs and processes both in human resource capabilities, facilities and infrastructure, and funds. Meanwhile knowledge of HR, HR goals and priorities, availability of students, school management support, the existence of structures and schedules, implementation of content and ability of educators. (2) obstacles in the implementation of information system management, where in the implementation of school information management systems such as hardware that needs to be increased capacity continues to follow the growing era. The lack of admin staff in the field of ICT who uses honorary staff handles the Academic Information System aadmin, the magnitude of the special cost of developing SIM is better. Currently the SIM in SMP Negeri 11 Merangun is still quite sufficient.


The Key word: Information Systems, Management School.