This study aims to decribe regarding school efforts in creating character leadership cadres in students. The school has a very important role in creating and developing leadership in students and becoming a character leader. There are several efforts that can be done by school in creating character leadership cadres, including the following: 1) implementation OSIS of activities; OSIS has a very big role in fostering the spirit of student leadership and forming the character of students being responsible, able to manage organizations even in small organizations. 2) implementation of scouting activities; this activities can make students become independent, disciplined, responsible, and can develop student leadership as a cadre of leader in the future. 3) implementation of LKDS; LKDS activities in school that are intended for students have a positive impact on students, self-development, namely students understand the tasks and responsibilities in the organization that will be included, and in this activity can train students to cooperate with others, and do not want to win alone, behavior like this certainly must be fostered from the beginning, so that the third later he becomes a leader he does not become a selfish leader. 4) emphasis on character values on PKN and PAI subjects; it is intended that students have patriotism toward their homeland, and always involve God in every act, so that students are afraid to do something that is contrary to God rules.

The Key word: Character Leadership