The aim of this research is to reveal about (1) the image of the school, (2) management of the school public relations (3) management of public relations in building the wish image of the school. The methode of the research is qualitative. The technique of collecting data using interviews, observation/observation and documentation. And engineering data validity checking carried out by the credibility standard, transferability standard depentabilitas standard, and konfirmibilitas of standard. Then the data analysis is done by means of data reduction, data presentation and conclusion/verification. The results showed that the image of the school has not been as expected. It is caused by the management foundation had not been good, giving less welfare and human resources (previously officials were not ready in terms of management science and economics, and some of the teachers don`t work in accordance with proper). Public relations of foundation does not do fact finding and planning public relations. It is cause of constrained funding and manpower resulting culture of volunteering at the foundation of the school. But voluntarily, core committee helped do fact finding and planning public relations. Next, the public relations do action of it voluntarily by their best. And in the implementation of this activity is also helped by the core committee voluntarily. Form of implementation of public relations are  utilization of mass media (newspapers), online media (kompasiana), mail, calendar, meetings, brochures, telephone and comparative studies. And the school also has been working with education authorities, social services, department of religion, newspapers, community and distribution of brochures. For the evaluation of public relations is also not carried out by the public relations field.

Keywords: Public Relaltions, Wish Image of Foundation